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Best Time for Safaris

Tanzania Safaris can be done throughout the year, however we can categories the safaris into two groups:

High season: this period begins from June to late October, where the weather is dry no rainfalls. You can spot the wildebeest migration around June-July. During this time of the year, most Northern circuit National parks are crowded with tourists.

Low season: from late October to May, this period is called wet season, it is rain season from November to December leaving January to early March little dry while from late March to May it rains heavily. During this season there are less crowds in northern circuit National parks, most hotels close for the season and there are discounts in accommodation prices in most opened hotels. Travelling in this season Roads can be muddy otherwise you get to enjoy the green vegetation.

Leaving the popular Northern circuit, you can always choose to visit Eastern and Southern circuit national parks, which are always less crowded all year round.